Blue Horse Sanctuary


To provide a lifetime of care for abused and unwanted horses and donkeys.  

We are honored each and every day to support these beautiful animals

and to provide them with health care, food, safety and a loving forever home.


Meet some of our residents at Blue Horse Sanctuary and read about their stories.



WildWood Ranch is a 750 acre spread which lies in the far western corner of Somervell county on County Road 1014. 

our founder

And Board

After a lifetime of pleasure working with, and painting these beautiful, sensitive animals, Melissa wanted to give back to them by providing a permanent home for as many as possible at her family ranch – WildWood – near Glen Rose, Texas.

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1651 County Road 1014  •  Bluff Dale, TX 76433

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 2696 • Glen Rose, Texas, 76043


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