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Our Horses

Horses and humans share an ancient bond – a history of work, war and companionship.  Domesticated in 4000 B.C., these spectacular creatures helped us develop cities, agriculture, transportation and communication.  Since the Industrial Revolution, horses have been marginalized – used for sport – and often have been neglected or abused. 

At Blue Horse Sanctuary, we honor our shared bond, developed over thousands of years, which exists in the hearts and souls of each and every equine.  Our history is their history and they are owed our protection.  With patience, love and care, it is our honor to give back to them what they have given us.  They have carried us on their backs across time and continents.  Letting them live out their lives in dignity is the very least we can do in return. 

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smokey (AKA dixie cash)

Smokey arrived at the Sanctuary on March 1st from his home near Eastland, where he had been in a small acreage with one pal (donkey.). Although he had a very loving family, they could no longer keep him due to various health reasons. Smokey (we gave him a new name to free him of his pedigreed moniker - Dixie) is a dappled grey Tennessee Walking Horse. He is about 10 years old, gelded, and is a bit anxious and excitable, although he still trusts humans. 


Bred for the “Big Lick” circuit, Smokey did not perform well in the show ring and was sold at auction and has been shuffled around most of his life. He has scars on his front ankles from chains that are used to produce the high stepping that is part of the TWH gait. It is a not a pleasant training process, which also includes putting shoes on their front feet that have spikes or broken glass in them so that they lift their legs to relieve the pain. 


Smokey has periodic lameness in his back legs, but upon arrival here at the Sanctuary, he has been shoeless and is enjoying his freedom and socializing with the other horses. We are so happy to have our new resident and to give him a good, loving home here at BHS.


Blackie was delivered to the Sanctuary on January 18, 2024, from his owners who were using him as a roping horse. Blackie was purchased by them from an owner in Houston, but upon arrival showed an injury that flared up and seemed to be an old one. Sonograms confirmed an injured flexor tendon and much scar tissue. Blackie was rehabbed only a short amount of time before he was exercised and the injury flared again, leaving him unable to show. 


Blackie is a beautiful, athletic gelding born in 2015. With proper management his soreness should subside, and he will be able to live a long and happy life. He is calm and seems to get along well with other horses. 


What a gorgeous and sweet natured boy that otherwise would have been euthanized! Welcome, Blackie, to your forever home...


Lightning is a Wild Mustang who was rounded up by the BLM in the Pancake range of northern Nevada on January 15, 2022. He was a year old then, and his birthday is given as January 1, 2021. Lightning was put into the adoption program as part of the TIP mustang training challenge and was adopted by Landii Brewer and her mom Stenelle. We got him after the challenge, as they could not keep him, and it was discovered that he had a hereditary hock disorder which makes him unrideable. So Lightning is here with us for life and has become the sweet mascot of the herd. He is curious, playful and very gentle - quite amazing considering his first encounters with humans. We welcome our Young Mustang into the fold!


Jolly was named by the rescue that bought him from the kill pen in Bowie, TX. TIER (True Innocents Equine Rescue) is located in California, and the head of that organization was made aware of Jolly’s state - very emaciated - and inhumane treatment that he was suffering under. She purchased him on Christmas of ’22 and had him transported to a quarantine facility where he was in rehabilitation for 7 months. After contacting us to find his forever home, we realized he needed to come to us to live out his life. 


Jolly was introduced to the herd after a couple of days in the corral where he could acquaint himself with the other horses over the fence. He and Logan buddied up right away, and with Skeeter and GiGi he had a group of friends to settle in with. 


The old gent doesn’t have much in the way of teeth! But he gets daily, big buckets of soft pellets and is enjoying the tall coastal Bermuda grass as well. We are so very happy to have this big, beautiful, calm, old gentleman here at the sanctuary.


Lucky is a 12-year-old Paint Gelding who was surrendered to BHS this spring (’23). His former owner trained and rode him in mounted archery competitions but found that he always resisted gentling down as an easy riding horse. He can be haltered and will stand for a Ferrier and is easy with veterinarian care as well. 


Lucky settled into retirement with the herd very easily. Curious, sometimes agitated, but never aggressive, Lucky has a strong, dominant presence, but does not feel the need to press his dominance on the other geldings or mares. 


With a long life ahead of him, we are very happy to have this beautiful, robust Paint in the fields here at BHS.