Our Horses

Horses and humans share an ancient bond – a history of work, war and companionship.  Domesticated in 4000 B.C., these spectacular creatures helped us develop cities, agriculture, transportation and communication.  Since the Industrial Revolution, horses have been marginalized – used for sport – and often have been neglected or abused. 

At Blue Horse Sanctuary, we honor our shared bond, developed over thousands of years, which exists in the hearts and souls of each and every equine.  Our history is their history and they are owed our protection.  With patience, love and care, it is our honor to give back to them what they have given us.  They have carried us on their backs across time and continents.  Letting them live out their lives in dignity is the very least we can do in return. 

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Our latest arrival at the Sanctuary is Picasso, a Big Warmblood (16.2 hands!) who is about 30 years old but is still healthy and regal. Picasso comes to us from a farm near Greenville, TX, where he has been part of a close family that included a mustang and a donkey companion. His owner had to find a new home to retire her dear friends to when she learned she has breast cancer and will need surgery and a long convalescence. Picasso was a hunter jumper in his youth - in Connecticut - and came to Texas and his loving family twelve years ago where he was a riding horse and used as a guide in therapeutic and meditative retreats. 


Picasso arrived on a hot summer day in an extra large trailer and stayed two days in a corral alone where he could sniff the other horses across a fence, and they could get to know him. When he was introduced to the herd, he already had a pal - GiGi - and several other horses that had accepted him into the tribe. Now we have Picasso and Michelangelo - both in their golden years but still worthy of a masterpiece! 


Bucky was a rodeo horse when Melissa spotted him being used by a horse-delivery person in 2004. She bought him on the spot, and he was her ranch riding horse for many years. Bucky developed arthritis in his knees and has been turned out to pasture for over a decade. 


In his late twenties now, Bucky is a beautiful Buckskin Gelding who has ruled the roost since we began rescuing horses in 2015. Head-of-the-herd in the back pasture, he is always an attention-getter, gentle and contented. If Blue Horse Sanctuary has a Head Honcho, it is our boy Bucky. 


Daisy is a 22-year-old Paint mare who was surrendered to the Sanctuary in April. Unfortunately, as is often the case, she had not been taken good care of, having been turned out for most of her life in a pasture with cattle. She is very fearful of humans, is aggressive and cannot be trusted yet not to revert to her instincts, which are to bite and kick. However, with the help of our Master Trainer Michael Battenfield, Daisy is learning to settle enough to begin learning a few manners.  

Daisy’s knees have old injuries which has caused laminitis in her hooves, but she gets around fine and otherwise seems healthy.

For now we will allow Daisy to settle into the herd and make sure she finds her place within it. It will take some time for her to learn horse behaviors, but when she does, we will make sure she has enough training to be haltered in order to help her with her legs and try to ease some of her pain.


We have a new Belle! She arrived in late February from a ranch where she was used as a cutting horse. Belle was born
in March of 2001, so she is 21 years old now and is ready for retirement. She is a registered Quarter Horse with a very
impressive lineage and has been shown throughout her life and has won many competitions.

Belle arrived on a beautiful day at the Sanctuary and was given a big corral to herself so that she could meet the other horses from afar. After a few days she was introduced to the herd and has folded in nicely with the 10 retirees that roam the 130-acre field. 


beautiful grey quarter horse mare, Belle is somewhat petite, very white, and has big, dark eyes and very long lashes. She has never been in a big, wild area before. Horses that have been kept in a small enclosure or stalled have to adapt to freedom - but so far so good.  Lucky girl!!!


River is a gorgeous Paint mare, about 5 years old, who was in training with Michael Battenfield for a lady who had trouble riding her.  She is feisty!  It was decided that it would take a very long time to work the kinks out of River as a comfortable riding horse, so her owner decided to give her up.  We don’t mind a bit because watching River fly across the fields here at the Sanctuary is like poetry in motion.  She is finding her new home to be big enough for even her! 


New Arrival Logan, a 13-year-old Paint gelding, was surrendered by a rescue near Georgetown, Texas, which could no longer use him due to the fact that he had bucked during his training there. 


Logan is a big boy – 16 hands – and a beautiful chestnut color.  He has settled in nicely with the herd here at Blue Horse, and has a new best amiga – GiGi!  They like to hang out together, eat the Bermuda, drink from the ponds and generally enjoy their freedom here at the Sanctuary.


Michelangelo was surrendered to Melissa in 2016 when his longtime owner could no longer keep him. He is a registered Arabian, born in 1991, and was quite a show horse in his heyday. Now, Michel is older - in fact the old wise-man here  - and sports an impressive sway back which doesn’t seem to bother him. 

Michelangelo has always lived mostly alone and thinks he is a human. He is very docile and loves attention, loves grazing the Coastal Bermuda field, eating treats and lying in the sun. 


Freckles is a 12 year old grey mare who was rescued from the Kaufman feedlot in 2015. She was among the first rescues to find a home at WildWood Ranch.


Freckles is a tall beauty who is a very gentle soul.  Communing with Freckles can sometimes transform into a very symbiotic experience.  She is prone to feeling her oats when there is a nip in the air - suddenly neighing and running across the field at full gallop, encouraging the other horses to join in.  Having been with the herd for many years, she has discovered her niche and is both thoroughly involved in herd activity, as well as very happy to have human interaction.  Her snowy white coat, dappled in grey, makes Freckles the prettiest gal in the pasture and we are so happy to have her here with us at the sanctuary.


Skeeter is an Arabian Cross bay gelding born in 2012.

Skeeter's owners surrendered him to Bluebonnet when they were investigated for neglect. They said they had not owned him long, and they could not catch him (they tried to rope him when Bluebonnet arrived to pick him up and then chased him with ropes). He did allow a quiet volunteer to approach him, catch him, lead him and load him. 


Skeeter is a smart horse who catches on to things quickly (he opened the latch on his corral gate the second day at the sanctuary!) He is also very sensitive, a bit skittish, but ultimately very loving. We are so happy he has joined us to keep us on our toes here at BHS. 


Tippy was born January ‘99 and is a lovely bay mare who stands a bit over 14 hands.  She came to us from a foster home - originally having been seized from a neglect case in Arkansas in 2007.  Tippy had been adopted 3 times and returned for no fault of her own to Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.  She has been through some rough times, has some scarring on her back to show for it, but she still has a trusting soul.  


Tippy loves attention - can be caught and lead - loves to be brushed and cared for.  She arrived on a beautiful fall day and has adapted well to her new home, where she grazes on Coastal Bermuda, gets treats and carrots, grooming, and an abundance of love.


Meadow is a 21 year old grey thoroughbred mare.  She was removed from negligent owners by law enforcement and placed with BEHS.  Meadow has periodic lameness - and a unique willy-nilly gate that is comical to watch.  However, she is sound and although shy, she has found her niche within the newly formed family of orphaned horses who needed a place to live out their lives.  We are very happy to have Meadow with us at the sanctuary.