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Blue Horse Studio


Founder and Artist Melissa Auberty has been involved with horses since childhood and is committed to giving refuge to those that, through no fault of their own, have outlived their usefulness and need a home.  That commitment extends to her giving 100% of the proceeds from sales of her Blue Horse Series of paintings directly to the Sanctuary to support the residents there. Her work can be found through Bee Street Gallery in Dallas and Fort Worth, The Schoonover Gallery in Steamboat Springs, CO, as well as through her website or her Art Studio located in the Design District in Dallas.

What began as a place shared by family and friends, where her sons grew up running wild across the fields on their horses Sis and Sal - has become a place of refuge, not only for her, but for the horses that have no place to go - who are unwanted, injured or old. Now the pastures of WildWood are home to as many equines as they can handle. May they find health, freedom and  peace for the remainder of their lives at Blue Horse Sanctuary. 


Melissa has made 6 prints available for purchase –
the proceeds of which will also go directly to
Blue Horse Sanctuary

Cobalt framed.jpg




Tres Caballos


Mystique framed.jpg




Using high quality scanning for precise coloration and printed on museum quality Arches paper, these 18x12 Limited Edition Gigclees, Artist signed, are $200 each.  With the ultimate in reproductive value, these prints offer a more affordable way to collect Melissa’s  art. Please visit to purchase your print or to view more paintings. Commissions are also available.  


Remember that your purchase of any of Melissa’s Blue Horse artwork goes directly to support the equines at Blue Horse Sanctuary!


Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe into your heart.

You will be forever transformed.

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